Saturday, March 17, 2012

Why "without borders"

I enjoy romance - in every flavor available in written form or video (live action and animation). Comedy, angst, drama, period/historical, sports, sci-fi/fantasy, ... I enjoy all of it if there's a glimmer of romance to be found. And watching romance from different cultures and languages is liberating - you are free to make your own interpretations - the subtitles just act as a guideline.

This blog is to capture what I've liked and to share with other like-minded people funny, happy, enchanting, sappy, sweet and moving film, television and books from around the world....
Credit here to the amazing writers at televisionwithoutpity (in the days before Bravo), dramabeans, freezepopmorality, soompi, thundies prattle who gave me so many views and recommendations on what to watch and an insight into why it is what it is (i.e. american, korean and chinese drama and pop culture). And to viki, my soju, kimchi drama, vimeo and youtube channel owners who provide access to subtitled film and tv to the rest of the world.

Welcome to television without borders!

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