Friday, August 17, 2012

"Gentleman" is right

Just finished watching a rom-com k-drama (A Gentleman's Dignity) from the same writer-director duo of "Secret Garden".

It left me feeling undecided about whether I liked it or not. There was a lot I enjoyed in the drama but at the end when I look back at it, I feel it performed to half it's potential. Perhaps a lot had to do with the actress Kim Ha Neul who seemed to be dialing it in at parts, and her character too wasn't easy to relate with (haven't seen 34 year olds behave so childishly).
I had seen her earlier in "My Tutor Friend" and I liked here there, she seemed more genuine. Found the other couples in AGD more interesting, in their roles and chemistry. And they had these great preamble to each episode - short clips from the 4 gentlemen's past. The focus on the men instead of the women was also refreshing...

There's been a lot written about it in recaps and more - go check mystisith's blog or dramabeans - so I'm not getting into that. This was my first exposure to Jang Dong Gun, and I initially wondered what the fuss was all about. But he is very understated and it takes a few episodes before his charisma gets felt. I really wish I had started watching k-drama or korean movies when he was younger...

From all you lucky people who saw him earlier, would like any recommendations on which of his films or dramas should be watched.


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